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This is how Mattia Capezzani’s creative process can be described.

Instinct is the compass that allows the designer to approach with the senses and not with the mind to shapeless and raw materials. Materials that are transformed into something precious.

Olfactory, tactile, and visual memory is the driving force behind the selection of materials, the same catalyst from which the footwear will then take shape.

The desire to imagine and create is fuelled by a personal material archive which Mattia accesses discontinuously in order to freely design each new footwear.


Awareness and practice evolve with the designer, as does communication, which reflects his life path but without betraying it, rather enhancing it with the special effects of the playful dimension.

Telling himself through the brand and playing with the seriousness that only children have: Mattia Capezzani composes his solid and multifaceted story as an interpreter of footwear, who approaches the world in an unconventional way.

His ideas are the bridge between his childhood memories and his personal development.



Mattia was born and lives in a village of medieval origin, located in the Marche region of Italy, to a family of skilled masters of the art of shoemaking whose rural history has contaminated his world of values since he was a child.

After following an ordinary path, such as a degree in Business Administration, he suddenly chose to change his course, to break the rules he had given himself up to that point, to attempt the extraordinary and to express his real personality traits.

This is how his journey as a naive interpreter of footwear began: by embracing his creative nature and nurturing it through the fusion of generational universes that have in common an excellent resilience.

Connecting with his emotions and memory, to Mattia it means first of all enhancing the strong link with the cultural reality in which he has been immersed since his childhood, and then giving it a new meaning, making it concrete and letting anyone who seeks pleasure in the genuine things of life touch it.

Among the images that have marked his life is that of his grandfather returning from the countryside with shoes soiled with dirt; a detail reworked in his collections.
Footwear, in fact, takes shape as a spontaneous expression of the designer, without following specific stylistic rules, but strong in a technical and cultural heritage that becomes intimate in the moment of creation. The first pair of shoes made by Mattia was for a special event: his graduation.

Deni Calzature

Gabriele Capezzani’s choice to produce shoes with an eponymous brand and for other luxury brands, between 1976 and 1999 became Deni Calzature (Deni Footwear), a solid company with a high level of “know-how”, especially for the quality of manufacturing – an essential feature for a competitive market.

The consistency between the values acquired and management of a business that gives concrete responses to internal and external stimuli are the two elements that have allowed the knowledge to be passed on to the next generation.

Indeed, the family business-sized lab holds all the charm and refined footwear tradition that Mattia has breathed and learned to make his own to then create something personal and unique.


Mattia Capezzani is a brand strongly representative of the designer’s personality, which promotes self-expression as an artist emerging anew with each creative act.

Not only style, then, but an intergenerational story that contains other stories of passion, local culture, and love of beauty, and it is distinguished by the extreme accuracy of the materials and techniques adopted.

The brand theoretically and concretely challenges standards by proposing a vision of breaking up with all that is inscribed in aesthetic categories, as it gathers a set of heterogeneous symbols, even subverting them.


The footwear is characterized by Made in Italy materials that are chosen with extreme care and foresight, such as calfskin or horse leather, nubuck and hand-colored crust leathers, to which are added paints, tassels and suedes for the dedicated collections to the female world.

Elegant but lived-in, refined but practical to wear, footwear is a direct reflection of emotions and events that leave traces in the designer’s mind and then transform themselves into a prestigious accessory from an aesthetic but also cultural point of view.

Processes such as the Blake stitched bottom, the ultrasoft Strobel, the ultra-lightweight pouch technique, and the “Ideal” package, along with the washed finish that gives a used effect, enhance the beauty of the form.

The design of the collections for him and her is defined by clear lines and stylish details.

Each shoe has a unique formula that plays with trends but does not chase them, as it is based on an initial retrospective look and then continues elsewhere.

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